Bra Fit Guide

bra-guide-cover-copy-231x300.jpgMost women are wearing the wrong bra size. We’ve all heard it. The most common mistakes women make is either wearing the wrong band size or the wrong cup size. Most of us walk around feeling very uncomfortable in our bra tugging at it, fixing the strap or feeling suffocated. It doesn’t need to be that way! Bloomers makes finding the right fitting bra an easy task. In fact, we’ve put together some helpful tips to ensure you choose the right bra for you.

The first step should be getting measured.  And, yes, we do free bra fittings at Bloomers!  The reason to get measured is that your bra size will fluctuate with weight changes and body changes such as pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Second, getting measured and determining your bra size is not necessarily your size in every brand of bra and every type of bra. Shhh!  This is a secret that many bra stores don’t want you to know. But, it’s true!  All brands are cut differently and all styles fit differently. So, use the measurement as a starting point and be flexible with sizes up and down the band and cup spectrum depending upon the brand or style.

Last, once you think you’ve determined your size and found the style of bra you like, do the following checkpoints to ensure a good fit:

  • The band should be positioned perfectly horizontal across the back.  It should hot ride up or down the back.

  • The band should not be too tight and squeeze your flesh leaving indents in your skin. A good rule of thumb … make sure you can fit a finger between your skin and the band.

  • Make sure the bra is positioned on the last hook to allow for tightening as the bra stretches out.   Again, it should not be too tight or squeeze you.

  • Straps should be adjusted accordingly to ensure the band runs perfectly horizontal across the back.  Straps should not dig into your shoulder either. This could be a sign that the cup size is incorrect.  (Thankfully, many bra companies are now making comfort straps to help lessen the digging.)

  • Breasts should not overflow out the sides of the cup (under your armpits). This is an indication the cup is too small.

  • The underwire should lay flat against the body on the breast bone, not the breast itself. Make sure this is true on both sides.

  • The bridge (or area between the cups in the front) should lay flat between the breasts.

Most importantly, find a bra that is comfortable!  We like to tell our customers, when trying a bra, to wiggle around, put your hands over your head, and swing your arms to make sure the bra feels comfortable when performing normal tasks. A good fitting bra will also ensure that the clothes you wear look better than ever.  At the end of the day, it’s what’s underneath that really counts.

Bloomers carries a wide range of bra sizes (AA -G) from a wide selection of wonderful brands. Bra sizes offered differ by brand and style. We are always adding new brands, styles and sizes.

Download the Bloomers Bra Guide for all the essentials on bra styles, bra sizing guidance, and bra fitting tips. Don’t go bra shopping without this guide!